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Sommerinterview #37

Posted by on Mai 20, 2014

Heute mal wieder etwas Neues beim Schwarzen Schwan, ein kurzes Exklusiv-Interview mit Sean O’Connor. Um beim Übersetzen keine Fehler zu machen, habe ich mich entschlossen das Interview im englischen Original zu belassen.

How are you and what are you doing during the summer beside posting pictures on Facebook?

I am back in the Gym working out 6 days a week. Some times 2 times a day. I am at the age where I have to work harder to stay in shape:) The offseason is a special time for me because I am able to see friends and family who I have not seen in a year. It is really special for me to make sure my daughter has a lot of fun and gets to spend time with the family also. I am very active and social. Love to hike and go t events! Its hard for me to sit around and do nothing!

After the game and on Facebook you are a caring family man but on the ice you are playing a very gritty style of hockey. What is the real Sean O’Connor?

If I tell you my secrets everyone with know I am just a normal nice guy. But when it comes to hockey it is very different. HA I don’t know why but maybe its my freedom. I am very passionate. It makes me angry when guys try to intimidate my teammates . It might be one of the things that make me go the most crazy!!

You are using social media to stay in contact with your fans. How do you like that communication channel?

I love it! Everyday I have the same people who send me a few bad notes and tell me I suck but most people are so kind and supportive! If we do not have the fans we do not have hockey. I just want people to know how much they mean to me!

What can we fans expect from you and from the team in the next season?

I think they will see a very hungry and hardworking team. I know that the coaches and managers have more time to prepare and we will be in a strong position to fight for the playoffs!! I will just try to do what it is that I do best. Ha > Thats a little bit of everything haha. I am going to need to score more and be a physical presence for this team.

You just played for a few months in Schwenningen. Can you describe your feelings about our organisation and our city in a few words?

I know it was tough for the team this year. Moving from the DEL2 to DEL on such a short season. I love the city and the fans. It really is a hockey town. Thats one of the main reason why I wanted to come back

You are just 32 years old. How many years do you still want to play and what are you plans after your hockey career?

I honestly have no idea how many years left I will play. Some days I feel 15. then the next I FEEL 50!!! HAHA. But I love the game and always will. I think I still have a few years left. You never know!!

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